This is how it works…

  • To get an idea on our pricing, Please check our services page and identify the plan with which your task can be associated. Each plan has its own pricing and this will give you an idea about our per hour pricing. OR if you can not figure out a plan please contact us.
  • Write detailed instructions or create a instructions video about how you want us to work on your task.
  • Make an initial deposit of $40 (this amount will be adjusted against hours used while working on your project).
  • Based on your instructions we will work on your project and create a sample report and send it to you for review. If the instructions are unclear to us then we will get back to your for explanation.
  • Once you approve it then we will start working on your project.
  • At any stage if you want to get in touch with us please contact us OR you can also get in touch with us through skype.