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Do you want to make sure you get Fresh(Latest) Probate List EVERY MONTH for FREE?

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Hire our Virtual Assistant services for at least 10 hours in a month and we will send you a fresh Probate List of the month for FREE.

This Is How You Can Use Our Virtual Assistant Services.

Every Real Estate broker has a variety of tasks to perform on a day to day basis some of these tasks are

  • 1. Updating your CRM like Top-Producer OR Transaction coordination software OR any other that you use.
  • 2. Creating Listings and ordering titles, promoting these Listings.
  • 3. Creating and sending email campaigns in Mailchimp and other autoresponders.
  • 4. Creating sales posts for your social media.
  • 5. Other tasks such as editing Excel sheets, etc..... And many more!
  • Just figure out what all tasks you can offload to an Assistant and we will do it for you.

    Q. How Much is the per hour rate for Virtual Assistant services?

    $5/hour and goes down depending on the quantity of work.

    Q. Worried about the confidentiality of Data?

    We keep each and every information that you share with us, strictly confidential and we are very serious about it.

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